The danger comes from taking it with other drugs or getting it from someone without a medical license. Talk to your health care team about your preference and the possible side effects. Often they sell drugs with missing active ingredients or in smaller amounts. Can sildenafil citrate cause erectile dysfunction? This helps hold in the blood and keeps the penis firm for up to 30 minutes. Testosterone replacement. Conditions that can cause ED or make it worse include: Heart disease.Because it improves blood flow to the penis, Viagra (sildenafil citrate) treats erectile dysfunction (ED) effectively. But now that the “little blue pill” is more accessible, some . Additionally, medications like Viagra can cause priapism — an erection lasting over 4 hours that can result in permanent damage. If this happens, you’ll need to get medical . Viagra is sold under the generic name sildenafil, which is also only available with a prescription. Many medical clinics now offer remote health services where you can .

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