Most companies have an FAQ or shipping policy page you can reference to learn whether discreet packaging is available. Some services offer a subscription option where they’ll send your medications every month at a discount. Your primary care doctor should always know what medications you’re taking, including ED pills prescribed by another provider. It’s available in 25 mg, 50 mg, and mg tablets and lasts up to 18 hours. It depends on the platform and insurance provider. Then she said, here you go!Sildenafil is used to treat high blood pressure in the lungs (pulmonary hypertension). Blink Health is available to users at participating pharmacies only. No enrollment or periodic fees apply. Our address is Broadway, Suite , New York, NY , () , How much is a subscription? You can get started for as low as $10 for your first month. After that, a subscription to online doctor visits is $/month, plus the cost of medication (charged separately). For example: $ (monthly subscription) + $ (sildenafil, 10 .

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